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We are family…

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Just to show that you don’t need space to grow a garden…you just need a heart.


Written by Miss Shola

July 21, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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Dimple Bhanushali

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Dimple lives in Ghatkopar. She travels everyday to her school in Juhu. She is now in the 10th standard and is preparing for her SSC exams in Gujarati medium. She has a neat demeanor – crisp uniform, two tight plaits and spectacles firmly sitting on her nose. She appears to be a serious student who takes pride in her work. She is happy to show her brown-paper covered notebook to anyone who comes by. Open it and you see pages and pages of scrawled yet neat writing. At break-time she eats from her tiffin box that has knick knacks packed by her mother. She is happy to share it with her classmates who are all boys. She likes them, even though they seem to be shy of her. Her animated and intelligent face holds promise and craving to grasp all that she can at her tender age.

There’s just one problem though – she is deaf. And like other deaf students has trouble talking. Deafness is a genetic abnormality that has been skipping along through many branches of the Bhanushali family tree. It’s too bad that its sharp eyes fell on her.

Some children have heavy lisps and can’t say their name without getting embarrassed. Some are born with six fingers and are pointed at in the school bus. Many children have crooked teeth and learn to smile without opening their mouths. They are all special in their own way and yet the same inherently. The least one can do for Dimple is to treat her ordinarily, like other special children.

Written by Miss Shola

July 20, 2010 at 6:24 pm

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Verse for the Blue God

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Get him on the double
Tell him it’s an emergency
The doctors have given up.
I can’t bear it
I think I’m going to die
It’s a slipped disc
A shooting pain up the spine
A fire in the brain
A comet bursting in the kidneys.
Is he here?

Call him, tell him to rush
Tell him, it’s the end
I’ve got galloping TB
The left lung’s collapsed
The right one’s dead
And the soul, it’s fled
Has he come?

Sound the alarm
Knock on the door of heaven
Get him out of bed
It’s terminal
Cancer of the upper intestines.
It’s spread
Into the esophagus.
Split into the lower bowels,
The liver, the bones, the breast.
What? Hasn’t he come yet?

Ask him to come fast
I’m about to breathe my last
Nothing serious really
Just a routine heart attack
Tell him I died
With one eye open.
Lying on the pyre
Just to check
If he came
With a smirk
On his face.
And a tart on his arm.
If he won’t come soon,
Let him come late,
I’ll wait.
If it makes him
Feel important
To be inconstant
Why, of course
I’ll indulge him.

Because Giridhar
Move over
I’ve got another.

~ Part verse from Chapter 8 of Cuckold, Kiran Nagarkar

Written by Miss Shola

July 20, 2010 at 10:04 am

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…And we’re back!

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Dear Chronicles,

I know I’ve played truant but see all that I’ve been upto while I was away…

Some more pebble art: A taxi ferrying from day to night tiresomely until its yellow faded away into the background.

(Not so) Pinwheel Nutella cookies inspired by Purple Foodie.

A very important job has been accomplished. My collection of newspaper articles from eons has been sifted, classified and put to use. So here is one set – tips from various magazines – that I’ve stuck on the inside of my cupboard so that they are in front of my eyes when I want to use them. By the way, this was one of the tips (on how to use tips effectively instead of stashing them away), so I’ve made use of one of them already! And the post-its in between are just some to-dos that can lie trapped inside the cupboard instead of dodging my mind.

And finally some perverse reading. The Key by Junichiro Tanizaki is the closest I’ve come to reading erotic fiction. And since it was so unputdownable, bring it on Lady Chatterley’s Lover!

Not good enough reasons, eh?

Written by Miss Shola

July 7, 2010 at 2:42 pm

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